Thursday, 11 February 2010

Our Third and final poster

This was our third poster.

Our second poster.

this poster symbolises a girl accepting a sweet from a boy, this swewet has STD written on it because were showing how easy is it to catch an STD. BE AWARE.Wear a condom!

First of our final posters.

This was our final design, as we took so much time to design our last poster we thought that maybe a simple picture may give a bigger message, we took the picture of a snickers bar and edited it in photoshop .

Our final logo.

This was our final logo, we thoguht it was brilliant because it used both the signs for the boy and girls and symbolises both genders.

Final typography decision.

After all the searching for an appropriate typography we decided to use a children themed typography for our work, it took very long to find it but we eventually did.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Typography... :)

Typography is a major part in every project. It shows everything about a project.For example caligraphy textography means your doing a calm maybe posh project, where as Street typography or graffitti shows your trying to attract a young youthfull audiance.Our task today was to find a appropriate typography for our project, we will be testing some throughout the day.

Monday, 1 February 2010

This was our favourate idea and best picture mock up. This shows a couple in bed and a packet of what used to be M&Ms where we would use photoshop to insert the letter STD . It was clever whitty and quite Fun to produce.

This was our origional idea, to show someone handing a sweet over.. but on this sweet would say STD, this is to appeal to young children...

In this picture our idea was to insert a snickers bar into someones pocket, We would cover up the S in Snickers therefor spelling nickers, then beside the picture place the statement "no protection? Keep them on!" It was a very clever image and whitty,

Thursday, 28 January 2010

At this point, 28 January 2010.

At this point we had taken our test shots and were very pleased with out results. Our next step was to take our real photos with the appropriate props. Then would would have to make our poster, up untill now we were very pleased with our progress

This was a brilliant shot, We were able to get the girlfriends hand and the boyfriend recieving hand to show that even when your in a relationship you dont actually know what each other has got, This picture resembles an exchange of germs, Even though we did not add the "heart" sweet it gave us a general idea of what it would look like when finished .

In Test shot 3, We tried to symbolise a girl handing a sweet with STD on it, Because this campaign is based around children we decided to use the "heart" sweets, We would photoshop the STD letters on the sweet. This picture shows that you dont know what you actually giving out or recieving

This was a better attemp to capture, unfortunatly we did not have the snickers bar but we still tried to imagine what it would look like


This was one of many attempts to try and campture a couple hugging, we was going to use a snickers bar within the girls hand, and slip it into the boys pocket, this would show the word nickers we would then put writing on the side saying "No Protection? KEEP EM ON!". We tried many times to capture the right image.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Our Final Decision

Our campaign is based on Std's and awareness of the risks of unpertected sex. We decided to make young children and teenagers out target audiance, We used sweet logo's and sweets in photoshop to show awareness. We done this because Sweets are a major part of every childs childhood and sweets are the best thing to symbolise children.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Thursday, 7 January 2010

This was a possible Logo to illustrate thinking smart, Its a clever whitty image that inherits comedy into our charity.